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Abnormal acid base balance

Acidosis and alkalosis mean an underlying pathophysiological process that in the absence of compensation would result in a change in pH . Acidaemia and alkalaemia mean a change in the actual pH . In sorting out abnormal acid-base biochemistry it is most convenient to divide the processes into changes in HCO \ensuremath {_3^-}.

Table 10: Acid Base disturbance; HCO \ensuremath {_3^-} pH and paCO2
  Plasma HCO \ensuremath {_3^-} Plasma pH Plasma paCO2
Metabolic acidosis \ensuremath{\downarrow} \ensuremath{\downarrow} \ensuremath{\downarrow}
Metabolic alkalosis \ensuremath{\uparrow} \ensuremath{\uparrow} \ensuremath{\uparrow}
Respiratory acidosis \ensuremath{\uparrow} \ensuremath{\downarrow} \ensuremath{\uparrow}
Respiratory alkalosis \ensuremath{\downarrow} \ensuremath{\uparrow} \ensuremath{\downarrow}


Adrian P. Ireland