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Respiratory Alkalosis

Any cause of alveolar hyerventilation will result in respiratory alkalosis, see equation 4.

The causes of respiratory alkalosis may be due to disorders of the central nervous system, respiratory system and miscellaneous;

Central Nervous System
Respiratory System

The main reponse to respiratory alkalosis is renal bicarbonate wasting. Both respiratory alkalosis and renal bicarbonate wasting result in a fall in HCO \ensuremath {_3^-}.

HCO\ensuremath{_3^-}\ falls\ by\ 2\ mmol = 1.3 kPa\ fall\ in\ P_{a_{CO_2}}
\end{displaymath} (6)

The renal response takes several days to maximise so the fall in HCO \ensuremath {_3^-} is less in acute respiratory alkalosis than in chronic respiratory alkalosis.


Adrian P. Ireland