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Longo procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids

This is also known as the stapled haemorrhoidectomy or just PPH for the Procedure for Prolapse and Haemorrhoids.

It was described by Longo in 1998.

A special stapling device, is used to reduce the haemorrhoids and remove a ring of mucosa from the lower rectum. This resuspends the prolapsed anal cushions in their normal location.

evidence.png Numerous randomised trials attest to the superiority of this procedure over the `gold standard' Milligan haemorrhoidectomy, with respect to[MMH00,GAG+01];

evidence.png However, long term data is poorly available as of yet, so the durability of this procedure remains to be determined. Ortiz et al reported more recurrent prolapse in patients receiving the stapled procedure as opposed to the conventional haemorrhoidectomy. [OMA02]

Adrian P. Ireland