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Surgeon Anatomists

This period of the development of surgery for hernias was noted for the detailed study of anatomy.

In 1700; Littre describes a Meckel's diverticulum in a hernial sack.

In 1724; Heister describes resection of gangrenous intestine.

In 1757; Sir Percival Pott describes the pathophysiology of strangulation. Pott also described Pott's fracture, Pott's puffy tumour and noted the carcinogenic effect of soot on the scrotum of chimney sweeps.

In 1785; Richter describes partial enterocoele.

In 1804; Sir Astley Cooper publishes his book on hernia `A treatise on Hernia'; he describes Cooper's ligament and the transversalis fascia.

Approx 1811; Abraham Colles described the reflected part of the inguinal ligament.

In 1814; Antonio Scarpa describes Scarpa's fascia.

In 1816; Hesselbach describes Hesselbach's triangle.

Adrian P. Ireland