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Ogilvie, Sir William Heneage (1887-1971)

Sir William Heneage Ogilvie, KBE, DM, MCH, FRCS, (aka Sir Heneage Ogilvie), 1887-1971, English surgeon; Consultant Surgeon, Guy's and the Royal Masonic Hospital in London. He served as an examiner in surgery for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and as editor of the journal `Practitioner'. He was the vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. He wrote a number of surgical treatises, contributed chapters to textbooks on surgery, and published monographs on bone fractures and hernias. His description of Ogilvie's syndrome was the subject of a 1948 article.

Ogilvie is most famous in surgery for his description of Ogilvie's Syndrome which is often termed acute colonic pseudo-obstruction.

Outside of the medical field his quotations are famous.


Adrian P. Ireland