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Bowel Prep - Oral agents

The most popular oral agents contain Polyethylene Glycol and Sodium Picosulphate. Senna seed is also very effective, but is usually not used on its own, instead is often combined with sodium Picolsulphate is bowel preparation is proving difficult.

The main product containing polyethylene glycol (PEG) is Klean prep (aka GoLYTELY); it consists of electrolytes and polyethylene glycol. The patient buys 4 sachets; each sachet is reconstituted to 1 Litre and drank. Best results occur when all four sachets are consumed. But many find this difficult to do. Bowel prep is sufficient when the effluent is coming out clear. Children are usually prescribed 40 ml per Kg.

Sodium Picolsulphate Piclolax is also popular. Two sachets are prescribed. Each sachet is made up with water, first to 30 ml and then to 150 ml when the heat has dissipated. The patient is advised to drink plenty of fluids.

Adrian P. Ireland